1880 Federal Census

Compendium of the Tenth Census of the United States 1880, Part 1.

Dakota Territory - Dakota 1880 Territorial Index, by Ronald Vern Jackson - Accelerated Indexing Systems

Index of the 1880 U. S. Census of
Cloud County, Kansas by Marilyn Johnson

Marshall Co., Kentucky Families of 1880 - by Elvira Lewis

Clinton County, Ohio, Index To The Census For The Years 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 - by Josephine M. Williams


FTM CD#320 Census Index: U.S. Selected States/Counties 1880

HQ CD#T9-79 California

HQ CD#T9-80 California

HQ CD#T9-118 Delaware

HQ CD#T9-182 Illinois

HQ CD#T9-183 Illinois

HQ CD#T9-213 Illinois

HQ CD#T9-214 Illinois

HQ CD#T9-220 Illinois

HQ CD#T9-252 Illinois

FQ CD#T9-415 Kentucky

HQ CD#T9-701 Missouri

HQ CD#T9-739 Missouri

HQ CD#T9-757 Nebraska

HQ CD#T9-770 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-772 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-773 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-774 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-775 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-776 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-781 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-788 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-789 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-791 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-792 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-794 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-797 New Jersey

HQ CD#T9-820 New York

HQ CD#T9-821 New York

HQ CD#T9-822 New York

HQ CD#T9-823 New York

HQ CD#T9-859 New York

HQ CD#T9-860 New York

HQ CD#T9-861 New York

HQ CD#T9-862 New York

HQ CD#T9-863 New York

HQ CD#T9-864 New York

HQ CD#T9-908 New York

HQ CD#T9-909 New York

HQ CD#T9-928 New York

HQ CD#T9-930 New York

HQ CD#T9-931 New York

HQ CD#T9-932 New York

HQ CD#T9-933 New York

HQ CD#T9-934 New York

HQ CD#T9-949 New York

HQ CD#T9-980 North Carolina

HQ CD#T9-981 North Carolina

HQ CD#T9-1010 Ohio

FTM CD#20 Census Index: Ohio 1880

HQ CD#T9-1105 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1113 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1165 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1166 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1175 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1177 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1180 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1184 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1187 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1200 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#T9-1249 Tennessee Cumberland Co.

HQ CD#T9-1285 Tennessee White Co.

HQ CD#T9-1347 Vermont

HQ CD#T9-1348 Vermont

T9-7 Clay Co., Alabama

T9-8 Clay Co., Alabama

T9-9 Covington Co., Alabama

T9-17 Geneva Co., Alabama

T9-100 Haretford Co., CT

T9-101 Litchfield Co., CT

T9-116 Kent Co., Delaware

T9-117 Kent Co., Delaware

T9-118 Sussex Co., Delware

T9-119 New Castle Co., Delaware

T9-120 New Castle Co., Delaware

T9-173 Idaho

T9-185 Chicago, Illinois

T9-186 Chicago, Illinois

T9-187 Chicago, Illinois

T9-188 Chicago, Illinois

T9-189 Chicago, Illinois

T9-190 Chicago, Illinois

T9-191 Chicago, Illinois

T9-192 Chicago, Illinois

T9-193 Chicago, Illinois

T9-194 Chicago, Illinois

T9-195 Chicago, Illinois

T9-196 Chicago, Illinois

T9-197 Chicago, Illinois

T9-198 Chicago, Illinois

T9-199 Chicago, Illinois

T9-200 Cook Co., Illinois

T9-201 Cook Co., Illinois

T9-202 Cook Co., Illinois

T9-221 Knox Co., Illinois

T9-291 LaGrange & LaPorte Co., Indiana

T9-346 Jefferson Co., Iowa

T9-347 Jefferson Co., Iowa

T9-364 Shelby Co., Iowa

T9-409 Christian and Clark (part) Counties KY

T9-414 Floyd & Garrard Co., KY

T9-445 Wayne Co., Kentucky

T9-520 Barnstable & Berkshire Co., MA (Part)

T9-522 Berkshire & Bristol co., MA

T9-521 Berkshire Co., MA

T9-605 St. Clair (cont'd: E.D. 379, sheet 15-end) and Sanilac (part: E.D. 1-342, sheet 6) Counties Michigan

T9-606 Sanilac (cont'd: E.D. 342, sheet 7-end), Schoolcraft, and Shiawassee Counties Michigan

T9-820 Clinton & Columbia Co., NY (Part)

T9-821 Columbia County (cont'd: E.D. 8, sheet 13-end)

T9-824 Dutchess Co., NY

T9-825 Dutchess County (cont'd: E.D. 49, sheet 1-E.D. 271, sheet 20)

T9-826 Dutchess Co. & Erie Co., NY

T9-1001 Clinton County, Ohio

T9-1020 Greene & Guernsey Co., Ohio

T9-1059 Portage Co., Ohio

T9-1106 Bucks Co., PA #2

T9-1107 Bucks Co., PA #3

T9-1201 Washington Co., PA (Part)

T9-1281 Stewart, Sullivan & Sumner Co., TN

T9-1315 Texas

T9-1449 Vernon, Wisconsin

T9-1450 Walworth, Wisconsin

T741-1 Delaware Soundex

T741-2 Delaware Soundex

T741-3 Delaware Soundex

T741-4 Delaware Soundex

T741-5 Delaware Soundex

T741-6 Delaware Soundex

T741-7 Delaware Soundex

T741-8 Delaware Soundex

T741-9 Delaware Soundex

T746-4 Soundex Illinois

T746-11 Soundex Illinois

T746-47 Soundex Illinois

T746-48 Soundex Illinois

T746-65 Soundex Illinois

T746-70 Soundex Illinois

T746-71 Illinois Soundex

T746-113 Soundex Illinois

T746-119 Soundex Illinois

T746-131 Soundex Illinois

T747-44 Soundex Indiana

T747-45 Soundex Indiana

T747-46 Soundex Indiana

T748-18 Soundex Iowa

T1159-103 Mortality Schedule Columbiana - Drake Co., Ohio
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