1870 Federal Census

The 1870 Federal Census of Fremont County, Iowa - by Joan Harrison

1870 Census, Fulton County, Kentucky

Ohio County, Kentucky 1870 Census,
by Robert D. McManaway.

Calvert County, Maryland 1870 Census - 1986

Lowville, Lewis County (NY) Transcript Of an 1868 Special Census & Abstract of the 1870 Federal Census - Tree
Talks December 1991

Clinton County, Ohio, Index to the Census For The Years 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 - by Josephine M. Williams

Wasco County, Oregon 1870 Census

South Carolina 1870 Census Index, Vol 2 L-Z

Transcription of the state copy of the 1850 Federal Census for Springfield and Baltimore, Vermont - by Scott A.

1870 Kanawha County West Virginia Census

Mason County WV
1870 Census - by Wes Cochran

Nicholas County WV 1870 Census - by Wes Cochran

Pocohontas County WV 1870 Census - by Wes Cochran


FQ CD AL & FL index

HQ CD#M593-86 California

HQ CD#M593-120 California

FamilyQuest CD#0023 Connecticut and Rhode Island 1870 Census Index

FamilyQuest CD#0033 Delaware & New Jersey 1870 Census Index

Ancestry.com CD#2406 1870 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) DE, DC, IL, IN, MN, PA

FTM CD#291 Census Index: Georgia 1870 by AGLL

FamilyQuest CD#0013 Illinois 1870 Census Index

HQ CD#M593-197 Illinois

HQ CD#M593-231 Illinois

HQ CD#M593-240 Illinois

HQ CD#M593-241 Illinois

HQ CD#M593-278 Illinois

FQ CD#M593-463 Kentucky

FQ CD GA 1870 Index

FQ CD KY 1870 Index

Ancestry.com CD 1870 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) IA, KS, ND, SD

FamilyQuest CD#0041 Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont 1870 Census Index

FTM CD#288 Census Index: Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis 1870 by AGLL

FamilyQuest CD#0042 Massachusetts 1870 Census Index

HQ CD#M593-851 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-853 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-854 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-855 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-856 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-857 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-858 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-859 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-862 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-871 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-872 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-874 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-875 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-876 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-878 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-883 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-887 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-890 New Jersey

HQ CD#M593-892 New Jersey

FamilyQuest CD#0018 New York State 1870 Census Index

AllCensus CD St. Lawrence County NY Disc One Through Three

AllCensus CD Ulster County, NY Disc One & Two

FTM CD#287 Census Index NY City 1870 by AGLL

HQ CD#M593-910 New York

HQ CD#M593-916 New York

HQ CD#M593-917 New York

HQ CD#M593-920 New York

HQ CD#M593-921 New York

HQ CD#M593-922 New York

HQ CD#M593-923 New York

HQ CD#M593-924 New York

HQ CD#M593-940 New York

HQ CD#M593-967 New York

HQ CD#M593-968 New York

HQ CD#M593-972 New York

HQ CD#M593-973 New York

HQ CD#M593-1054 New York

HQ CD#M593-1055 New York

HQ CD#M593-1065 New York

HQ CD#M593-1066 New York

HQ CD#M593-1075 New York

HQ CD#N593-1088 New York

HQ CD#M593-1091 New York

HQ CD#M593-1092 New York

HQ CD#M593-1093 New York

HQ CD#M593-1094 New York

HQ CD#M593-1095 New York

HQ CD#M593-1112 New York

HQ CD#M593-1113 New York

HQ CD#M593-1120 New York

HQ CD#M593-1158 North Carolina

FTM CD#289 Census Index: NC & SC 1870 by AGLL

HQ CD#M593-1229 Ohio

FTM CD#285 Census Index: Western PA 1870 by AGLL

FTM CD#286 Census Index: Eastern PA 1870 by AGLL

HQ CD#M593-1324 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M593-1387 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M593-1399 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M593-1403 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M593-1520 Tennessee Cumberland Co.

HQ CD#M593-1570 Tennessee White Co.

HQ CD#M593-1624 Vermont

HQ CD#M593-1625 Vermont

HQ CD#M593-1649 Virginia

FTM CD#290 Census Index: Virginia & West Virginia 1870 by AGLL

FTM CD#165 African Americans in the 1870 Census

HQ CD Surname Belden in the 1870 Federal Census

HQ CD Surname Brisee in the 1870 Federal Census

HQ CD Surname Chattin in the 1870 Federal Census

HQ CD Surname Craven in the 1870 Federal Census

HQ CD Surname Eichner in the 1870 Federal Census

HQ CD Surname Haden in the 1870 Federal Census


M593-8 Clay Co., Alabama

M593-9 Cleburn & Coffee Co., Alabama

M593-11 Covington Co., Alabama

M593-17 Geneva Co., Alabama

M593-105 Litchfield Co., CT

M593-106 Litchfield Co., CT

M593-119 Kent Co., Delaware

M593-120 New Castle Co., Delaware

M593-121 City of Wilmington, Delaware

M593-122 Sussex Co., Delaware

M593-185 Idaho Territory

M593-399 Jefferson Co., Iowa

M593-424 Washington Co., Iowa

M593-503 Wayne Co., Kentucky

M593-601 Berkshire Co., MA

M593-602 Berkshire Co., MA

M593-650 Suffolk Co., MA (exc. Boston)

M593-703 Sanilac Co., Michigan

M593-887 Salem County, New Jersey

M593-920 Columbia Co., NY

M593-921 Columbia Co., NY

M593-925 Dutchess Co., NY

M593-927 Dutchess Co., NY (Poughkeepsie)

M593-939 Genessee Co., NY

M593-1075 Otsego County, New York

M593-1076 Otsego County, New York

M593-1093 Seneca County, New York

M593-1206 Guernsey County, Ohio

M593-1256 Pickaway County, Ohio

M593-1272 Trumbull County, Ohio

M593-1258 Portage County, Ohio.

M593-1289 Adams County, Pennsylvania

M593-1318 Cumbria County, Pennsylvania

M593-1436 City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M593-1437 City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

M593-1463 Washington County, Pennsylvania (Part)

M593-1567 Tipton County, Tennessee

M593-1582 Davis, Demmitt, Denton & Dewitt Counties, Texas

M593-1698 West Virginia

T8-427 West Virginia
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