1860 Federal Census

Tazewell County, Illinois 1860 Census & Index - Eastern Half

Tazewell County, Illinois 1860 Census & Index - Western Half

1860 Paulding County, Georgia Census - by Jeannette Holland Austin

Fulton County, Kentucky 1860 Census - by Don Livingston

Annotated Census of Terrebonne Parich, Louisana 1860.

North Louisiana Census Reports
- Volume Two: 1830 and 1840 schedules of Caddo, Claiborne, and Natchitoches
Parishes, also Volume Three: 1850 and 1860 Schedules of Union Parish, by Marleta Childs and John Ross

1860 Census of Mississippi County, Missouri - by Joan Tinsley Feezor

1860 Nebraska Territorial Census.

New Hampshire
New Hampshire 1860, by Ronald Vern Jackson - Accelerated Indexing Systems International

New Jersey
Atlantic County, by Donna Lynne Corson 1978

New York
New York City 1860, by Ronald Vern Jackson - Accelerated Indexing Systems International

West Virginia
Mason County WV 1860 Census - by Wes Cochran

Nicholas County WV 1860 Census
- by Wes Cochran


Ancestry.com CD 1860 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) AL, AR, KY, LA, MS, TN

Ancestry.com CD 1860 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) CA, ID, IA, KS, NE, NV, NM, TX, UT, WA

HQ CD#M653-64 California

Ancestry.com CD 1860 U. S. Federal Census Index (AIS) CT, ME, MA, NH, VT

Automated Archives US Census Index 1860 Connecticut

Ancestry.com CD 1860 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) DE, DC, MD, NJ, PA

Ancestry.com CD 1860 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV

AllCensus CD Florida Alachua to Leon

AllCensus CD Florida Levy to Washington

Ancestry.com CD 1860 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) IL, IN, MN, WI

HQ CD#M653-171 Illinois

HQ CD#M653-195 Illinois

HQ CD#M653-229 Illinois

FTM #304 Census Records: Indiana 1860

FQ CD#M653-368 Kentucky

HQ CD#M653-682 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-684 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-685 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-686 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-687 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-691 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-697 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-698 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-701 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-702 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-705 New Jersey

HQ CD#M653-707 New Jersey

Automated Archives CD#21 U.S. Census Index: 1860 New York

HQ CD#M653-737 New York

HQ CD#M653-738 New York

HQ CD#M653-739 New York

HQ CD#M653-743 New York

HQ CD#M653-744 New York

HQ CD#M653-750 New York

HQ CD#M653-780 New York

HQ CD#M653-781 New York

HQ CD#M653-785 New York

HQ CD#M653-786 New York

HQ CD#M653-794 New York

HQ CD#M653-822 New York

HQ CD#M653-823 New York

HQ CD#M653-831 New York

HQ CD#M653-832 New York

HQ CD#M653-840 New York

HQ CD#M653-841 New York

HQ CD#M653-860 New York

HQ CD#M653-876 New York

HQ CD#M653-877 New York

HQ CD#M653-885 New York

HQ CD#M653-912 North Carolina

HQ CD#M653-1156 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M653-1165 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M653-1169 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M653-1170 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M653-1244 Tennessee Cumberland Co.

HQ CD#M653-1279 Tennessee

HQ CD#M653-1326 Vermont

HQ CD#M653-1327 Vermont

Automated Archives CD#78 U. S. Census Index: 1860 Vermont

HQ CD#M653-1347 Virginia


M653-6 Coffee Co., Alabama

M653-7 Covington Co., Alabama

M653-21 Pike Co., Alabama

M653-22 Randolph Co., Alabama

M653-24 Taladega Co., Alabama

M653-56 California

M653-81 Litchfield Co., CT

M653-82 Litchfield Co., CT

M653-95 Kent Co., Delaware

M653-96 New Castle Co., Delaware

M653-97 New Castle Co., Delaware

M653-98 City of Wilmington, Delaware

M653-99 Sussex Co., Delaware

M653-281 Miami Co., Indiana

M653-282 Monroe & Newton co., Indiana

M653-328 Jefferson Co., Iowa

M653-336 Montgomery Co., Iowa

M653-337 Page Co., Iowa

M653-396 Taylor & Todd Co., KY

M653-399 Wayne Co., Kentucky

M653-488 Berkshire Co. MA

M653-719 Albany Co., NY City of Albany Wards 1-7

M653-720 Albany County, NY (part), City of Albany, wards 8-10

M653-737 Columbia County, NY (part)

M653-738 Columbia Co., NY

M653-740 Dutchess Co., NY

M653-741 Dutchess Co., NY

M653-742 Dutchess Co., NY

M653-824 Oneida Co., NY

M653-825 Oneida Co., NY

M653-826 Oneida Co., NY

M653-861 Seneca County, NY

M653-908 Northampton, Onslow & Orange Counties, NC

M653-946 Clinton County, Ohio

M653-1023 Pickaway County, Ohio

M653-1025 Portage County, Ohio

M653-1040 Trumbull County, Ohio (Part)

M653-1041 Trumbull County, Ohio (part)

M653-1057 Adams County, Pennsylvania

M653-1182 Clinton County, Ohio

M653-1287 Anderson, Angeline, Atascosa County, Texas

M653-1323 Orange County, Vermont
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