1850 Federal Census

United States Census 1850 Shelby County, Illinois - by Gene and Darlene Daniels

Arkansas 1850 Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.

California - Index to the 1850 Census of California, by Alan P. Bowman

Peoria Co., Illinois - 1850 Census

Richland County, Illinois - 1850 Federal Census

Iowa 1850 Census - Accelerated Indexing Systems

Federal Census For Iowa, 1850 Page County

Fulton County, Kentucky Census 1850 -
by Don Simmons

A Surname Index to the 1850 Federal Population Census of Kentucky, Lewis, Lincoln and Livingston Counties - by
Sam McDowell

Montgomery County, KY 1850 Censuses, by Rowena Lawson 1986.

Warren County, KY 1850 Census, by Mary Moltenberry Rabold, Elizabeth Moltenberry Price & Helen Gilmore Thomas

North Louisiana Census Reports - Volume Two: 1830 and 1840 Schedules of Caddo, Claiborne, and Natchitoches
Parishes also Volume Three: 1850 and 1860 Schedules of Union Parish, by Marleta Childs and John Ross

1850 Mississippi Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.

1850 Lauderdale Co., MS - by James T. Dawson

1850 Census Mississippi County Missouri - by Betty Rolwing Darnell

Missouri 1850 Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.

New York City 1850 Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.

North Carolina 1850 Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.

Index To The 1850 Federal Population Census of Ohio - by Lida Flint Harshman

Index to the 1850 Census of Pennsylvania: Luzerne and Wyoming Counties - by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

Bledsoe County, Tennessee Population Schedule of the United States Census of 1850, by Willis Reed Hutcherson

Warren County, Tennessee Census of 1850

Texas 1850 Census Index by Accelerated Indexing Systems, INC.

1850 U. S. Census, Collin County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk 1988.

1850 U. S. Census, Denton County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk 1988.

1850 U. S. Census Ellis County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk 1988.

1850 U. S. Census Gillespie County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk 1988.

1850 U. S. Census, Jefferson County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk

1850 U. S. Census, Leon County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk

1850 U. S. Census, Tarrant County, Texas, by Dr. John F. Schunk 1988.

Buckingham County, Virginia 1850 United States Census, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III 1984

Chesterfield County, Virginia 1850 United States Census, by Benjamin B. Weisiger III 1988

Pocahontas County WV 1850 Census - by Wes Cochran


FTM CD#164 Mortality Index: United States 1850-1880

FTM  CD#453 Census Microfilm Records: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi 1850

Ancestry.com CD#2397 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV

HQ CD#M432-25 Arkansas

FTM CD#452 Census Microfilm Records: California, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Utah 1850

FTM CD#308 Census Microfilm Records: Connecticut and Rhode Island 1850

Ancestry.com CD 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT

Ancestry.com CD 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) DE, DC, MD, NJ, PA

HQ CD#M432-113 Illinois

HQ CD#M432-116 Illinois

FTM CD#301 Census Microfilm Records: Illinois 1850

Ancestry.com CD 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) IL, IN, MI, MN, WI

FQ CD#M432-201 Kentucky

FTM CD#303 Census Microfilm Records: Kentucky 1850

FTM CD#454 Census Microfilm Records: Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont 1850

FTM CD#307 Census Microfilm Records: Massachusetts 1850

HQ CD#M432-442 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-443 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-444 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-445 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-446 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-451 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-454 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-460 New Jersey

HQ CD#M432-462 New Jersey

Ancestry.com CD 1850 U.S. Federal Census Index (AIS) New York

HQ CD#M432-477 New York

HQ CD#M432-478 New York

HQ CD#M432-481 New York

HQ CD#M432-482 New York

HQ CD#M432-483 New York

HQ CD#M432-491 New York

HQ CD#M432-492 New York

HQ CD#M432-493 New York

HQ CD#M432-494 New York

HQ CD#M432-495 New York

HQ CD#M432-496 New York

HQ CD#M432-497 New York

HQ CD#M432-509 New York

HQ CD#M432-510 New York

HQ CD#M432-526 New York

HQ CD#M432-527 New York

HQ CD#M432-528 New York

HQ CD#M432-529 New York

HQ CD#M432-530 New York

HQ CD#M432-531 New York

HQ CD#M432-541 New York

HQ CD#M432-542 New York

HQ CD#M432-560 New York

HQ CD#M432-561 New York

HQ CD#M432-571 New York

HQ CD#M432-572 New York

HQ CD#M432-576 New York

HQ CD#M432-579 New York

HQ CD#M432-580 New York

HQ CD#M432-595 New York

HQ CD#M432-596 New York

HQ CD#M432-607 New York

HQ CD#M432-608 New York

HQ CD#M432-612 New York

HQ CD#M432-613 New York

HQ CD#M432-618 New York

FTM CD#306 Census Microfilm Records: North Carolina 1850

HQ CD#M432-643 North Carolina

Automated Archives CD#40 U. S. Census Index New England 1850

HQ CD#M432-806 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-807 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-810 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-811 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-815 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-816 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-818 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-819 Pennsylvania

HQ CD#M432-821 Pennsylvania

Automated Archives CD#41 U.S. Census Index, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey 1850

Automated Archives CD#42 U.S. Census Index Series: New York 1850

FTM CD#451 Census Microfilm Records: Tennessee 1850

HQ CD#M432-927 Vermont

HQ CD#M432-946 Virginia

FTM #309 Census Microfilm Records: Virginia 1850

M432-1 Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour & Benton Co., Alabama

M432-3 Coffee Co., Alabama.

M432-4 Covington Co., Alabama

M432-7 Jackson & Lauderdale Co., Alabama

M432-9 Madison Co., Alabama

M432-13 Pickens Co., Alabama

M432-42 Litchfield Co. CT

M432-43 Litchfield Co., CT

M432-52 Kent Co., Delaware

M432-53 New Castle Co., Delaware

M432-54 New Castle Co., Delaware

M432-55 Sussex Co. Delaware and Slave Schedules

M432-63 Cass Co., Georgia

M432-10 Franklin & Gilmer Co., Georgia

M432-52 Bibb Co., Georgia

M432-77 McIntosh, Marion & Meriwether Co., GA

M432-81 Putnam, Raburn, Randolph & Richmond Co., Georgia

M432-87 Washington, Wayne, Wilkes & Wilkinson Counties, Georgia

M432-107 Fulton & Gallatin Counties, Illinois.

M432-164 Owen & Parke Counties, Indiana

M432-195 Carter Co., Kentucky

M432-197 Clay, Clinton, Crittenden & Cumberland Co., KY

M432-206 Louisville, Kentucky

M432-211 Logan, Mccracken & Madison Co., Kentucky

M432-214 Montgomery Co., Kentucky

M432-221 Wayne Co., Kentucky

M432-305 Berkshire County, MA (part)

M432-306 Berkshire Co., MA

M432-355 Lenawee Co., MI

M432-413 St. Charles, St. Clair & St. Francis Counties, Missouri

M432-419 Saline & Schuyler Counties, Missouri

M432-462 Salem County, New Jersey

M432-477 Broome County, New York

M432-478 Broome Co., NY

M432-487 Berkshire Co., MA

M432-491 Columbia Co., NY

M432-492 Columbia Co., NY

M432-494 Delaware Co., NY

M432-495 Delaware Co., NY

M432-579 Otsego Co., NY

M432-580 Otsego Co., NY

M432-589 St. Lawrence Co., NY

M432-590 St. Lawrence Co., NY

M432-591 St. Lawrence Co., NY

M432-595 Schoharie co., NY

M432-596 Schoharie Co., NY

M432-597 Seneca Co., NY

M432-607 Ulster Co., NY

M432-608 Ulster County, NY (part)

M432-620 Ashe & Beaufut Co., North Carolina

M432-627 Cumberland & Currituck Co., North Carolina

M432-632 Guildford Co., North Carolina

M432-639 Northampton, Onslow & Orange Co., North Carolina

M432-641 Pitt & Rendall Co., North Carolina

M432-643 Rockingham & Rown Co., North Carolina

M432-665 Champaign County, Ohio

M432-668 Clinton County, Ohio

M432-680 Franklin County, Ohio

M432-717 Muskingham County, Ohio

M432-721 Pike county, Ohio

M432-722 Portage County, Ohio

M432-732 Summit County, Ohio

M432-733 Trumbull County, Ohio

M432-743 Adams County, Pennsylvania

M432-802 Northampton County, Pennsylvania

M432-871 Blount & Bradley Co., Tennessee

M432-916 Upshur, Van Zandt, Victoria, Walker, Washington, Wharton Williamson, TX

M432-927 Rutland Co., Vermont

M432-936 Berkeley, Boone & Botitaurt Co., Virginia

M432-939 Charles City Co., Virginia

M432-954 King Co. Virginia

M432-965 Nottaway Co., Virginia

M432-970 Prince Edward, Prince George & Prince William Co., Virginia

M432-980 Warren, Warwick, Washington, Wayne & Westmoreland Co., VA

M4332-990 Caldwell, Calhoun, Comal, Cameron, Starr, Webb, Cass & Cherokee Co., Texas

T734-67 Soundex, Webb - Alabama

T773-65 Soundex, Smith - Texas
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