Williams Family Album
Gwendolyne Williams
Good friend and neighbor in
the vincinity of Prare Cottage
(East of Wymore)[Nebraska]
- Edith Gumaer Lange
Thelma & Eva Williams
Friends & neighbors of Ethe,
Gumaer Lange
(East of Wymore) [Nebraska]
Williams Residence
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Names in numerical order

1-   Harry Campbell - Waterford, Mich.
2-   Harry A. Nelligan - Washington, D. C.
3-   Walter Call – Bloomfield Hill, Mich
4-   Elwyn W. Hamilton – Detroit, Mich.
5-   James E. Windham – Baton Rouge, La.
6-   Claude B. Batchilor – Houston 6, Texas
7-   Jim Kelly – Phila. Pa.
8-   Gerald N. Jimison – Denver 3, Colo.
9-   Unidentified WAAC
10- Frank Frazer – Boston, Mass.
11- Hunter M. Owen – Charlotte C. H. VA.
12- Leonard Valerio – 1828 Mulford Ave Bronx N.Y.
13- Charles Kumbayer – Owensville, Missouri
14- Fay W. Parsons – McConnelsville Ohio
15- Alex J. Urbaneck – Taylor, Texas [changed to Urbanek]
16- G. L. Williams – Knippa Texas
17- Roy W. Evans – Tallassee, Ala. R#1
18- Eugene O. Douin – Charlottesville, VA.
19- Maurice Le Cloarec – 26 rue Charles Forest Houilles S. O.
20- John F. Woods – Amboy, Illinois
21- Joseph Welbig – Jersey City, N. J.
22- Edward J. Prisbylla – Large, Pa.
23- Andrew Pendle – Wilkesbarre Pa.
24- David F. Guevara – Santa Barbara, Calif.
25- Nelson L. Clouse – Stewartsville, Mo.
26- Stanford H. Buck – Pennsburg Pa.
27- Philip A. Day – Bath, Maine
Tom Williams
Henry & Ruth (Hoskins)
Daughters Esther & Anna
Helen Williams
Class of 1914
Cherokee High School
Cherokee, Iowa
L to R: Mary Emma (Anderson) Williams
Isaac Newton Finch Williams (Mary's son)
Mary Elizabeth (Laverty) Anderson (later Clokey)
Tin type photo
Mary Emma (Anderson) Williams
Tin type photo
Eunice Williams
Ben's mother
Photo by Wynne S. Smith
Painesville, O.
Joshua R. Williams
Taken about 1905 at Fayette
U. I. U. graduate in 1905
Photo by Kohinmoor
Fayette, Iowa
Henry & Ruth (Hoskins) Williams
Daughters: Esther & Anna
Pleasant Plain, Jefferson Co., IA
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Funeral Card
Kenneth R. Williams
Died January 2, 1994
Memorial Card
Mrs. Martin Williams
Died April 21, 1909
Age 68 yrs. 1 mo. 16 days
Lloyd & Rill Williams
(Uncle Sherman's sons)
Photo by M. A. Duboce
Mt. Pulaski, Ill.
Ray Herbert Williams
Photo by M. L. Lamprey
Renacook, N. H.
Funeral Folder
Spencer D. Williams
Died March 29, 1956