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New York - Beautiful, 16 year old Gloria
Vanderbilt poses with her Aunt, Mrs Harry
Payne Whitney, atop their trunks, following
their return trip on the S. S. Oriente today,
April 28th [1939], aunt and Niece had been
vacationing in Cuba. Gloria seems dressed in
the height of fashion and is growing more and
more like her beautiful mother.
Wheatly Hills L. I. - Novewmber 21, 1934. Little
Gloria Vanderbilt, the pawn in the court battle
between her Aunt, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, and
her own mother, Mrs. Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, finds
real joy among her pets on the Whitney estate here,
as the question of her guardianship still remains the
point at issue in the legal moves which are following
naturally in the wake of Justice Carew's descision.
In this, the first photograph made of the little girl
since the close of the court proceedings, Gloria is
shown with her faithful pal and bodyguard leaving
the Whitney Stable just after Gloria had paid a visit
to and fed the dogs puppies. Gloria has a regular
menagerie of pets on the estate, including Guinea
pigs, dogs, a pony and a goat. She seems too
engrossed in enjoying her play, and her playmates to
give much attention to the fight, of which she is the
center, which is perhaps as it should be.
1938 Mrs. Cornelius "Sonny" Whitney and her half
sister Miss Elizabeth "Betty" C. Heckscher at the
Meadow Brook Club for a polo game. Mrs. Whitney is
the former Gladys Crosby Hopkins and both girls are
daughters of Mrs. Stevens Heckscher.
Brig. Gen. Courtney Whitney; Gen. Douglas MacArthur,
Commander in Chief of U.N. Forces; and Maj. Gen.
Edward M. Almond observe the shelling of Inchon from
the U.S.S. Mt. McKinley, September 15, 1950.  
January 31, 1959 - Edward W. Whitney at the police
headquarters, telling questioners that he wanted to kill
William F. Rubert because he murdered his twenty-one
year old daughter. Holding the gun Whitney used in the
shooting is policeman John Rieman, his captor.
Vanderbilt Cup Auto Race, Mrs. H.P. Whitney is in the
Mrs. P. Whitney presents the Flag at the Reformatory
Factory workers at the Eli Whitney Armory 1906
1937 George Whitney and Thomas W. Lamont
1937 - George Whitney returns to testify.
E. P. Whitney House
West Main Street
St. Elmo, Maine
1939 photo Senior Morgan Partner appears before National
Monopoly Committee. Washington, D.C., Dec. 15. George
Whitney, Senior Partner of J. Pierpont Morgan & Co., was
questioned by the National Monopoly Committee today.
Arthur Whitney
Arthur Whitney
July 6, 1938. Charges railroads with gambling on stock
market. Washington, D.C., July 6. Alexander F. Whitney,
president of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, leaving
the White House today after a conference with the
September 27, 1937. Labor leaders arrive for
unemployment census conference. Washington, D.C.,
Sept. 27. John L. Lewis, Head of the CIO, and A.F.
Whitney, President of the Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen, arriving at the White House today.  
L to R: Zero Mostel, Peter
Whitney, and Kim Novak
Scene from "The Great Bank
Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney
L to R: Harry Payne Whitney, R. L. Bacon, Mrs. R. L. Bacon
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Superintendent Tells of Whitney Estate
Holdup Scare

Old Westbury, Long Island - Thomas Griffin,
Superintentdent of the estate of Mrs. Harry
Payne Whitney, here, tells of the attempt by
two hold-up bandits to stage a robbery of the
Wheatley Hills mansion and grounds of the Aunt
of little Gloria Vanderbilt. Driven off in a
hand-to-hand encounter with Griffin, and his
daughter, Mrs. A. H. Johnson, the intruders fled
and are now being sought throughout the entire
east by police. Mr. Griffin is quoted as
minimizing the report that the intruders really
intended to kidnap Gloria Vanderbilt, the 11
year-old heiress over whose custody Mrs.
Whitney and Mrs. Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, the
child's mother, have fought a long legal battle,
but the Whitney Estate is now under heavy
guard. - February 4, 1936