Whitney Family Album Page 1
Mary Whitney & Ella Nevins
1904 L. A. Whitney
Leroy A. Quaker Ridge Casco, Maine
Father to Russell Earl Whitney
Four Whitney Family Circus photos by Charles Bernard (1861 -
1938).  Bernard was press agent and general agent for several
circuses. He also wrote a series of articles for The Billboard
magazine entitled "Old-Time Showmen", reproducing his photos
and labeling them as seen above.
Leroy A. Whitney
Crew of the Good Ship Grace
Religious singing group from Los Angeles
Left to right:
1) Clarence Soderberg "Baritone"
2) Kenneth Nelson "1st Tenor"
3) Ernie Payne "Bass"
4) Paul Myers "First Mate Bob"
5) Lorin Whitney - Organist
6) D J Kleinsasky 2nd Tenor
George Whitney
Back Row Standing: Harry Wachter, unidentified woman, Lura
Bert Whitney, Alice Whitney
Seated: Mary Jane Wachter, Grandma Bishop, G. Whitney, Mabel
Whitney Wachter
Children: Mary Wachter, Sibyl Wachter, Horace Wachter
Probaby Taken 1898
Additional information from the Whitney Research Group website:
Miss Sibyl Wachter.
DAR ID Number: 164888
Born in Toledo, Ohio.
Descendant of Lieut. Joshua Whitney, as follows:
1. Harry W. Wachter (b. 1869) m. 1894 Mable Whitney (b. 1872).
2. Horace Whitney (1836-85) m. 1863 Mary Bishop (1836-1903).
3. Thomas Porter Whitney (1801-74) m. 1835 Sibyl Green (1814-99).
4. Noah Ashley Whitney (1770-1834) m. 1796 Olive Dorwin
5. Joshua Whitney m. 1770 Arme Ashley (1748-1822).
Joshua Whitney (1745-1808) served as lieutenant in the 3d regiment,
Connecticut Line. He was born in Preston, Conn.; died in Pittsfield,
Also No. 143959.
Whitney Farm
Jackson, N. H.
Whitney's in Jackson, N. H.
Whitney's in Jackson, N. H.
H. P. Whitney's Residence
Westbury, Long Island
The Old Whitney House
Stow, Mass.
To: Mrs. F. J. Proctor
Northboro, Mass
"Glad to hear you have been having a chance to enjoy old ocean.
I am here for a short time. Lovely old place."
Love Ethel
postmarked Aug 29 1932 - Stow, Mass.
Hollingsworth & Whitney Co.
Mill and Offices
Winslow, Me.
Henry G. Whitney
Photo by Diamond Photo
[Hat says Quarter Master]
Leon Whitney
Eleanor Whitney
#28 Modern Beauties
Cigarette Cards [brand not named]
Eleanore Whitney
State Express and
Ardath Cigaretttes card
series 13, 8 of 54 cards
From her early school days, Eleanore Whitney had
had ambitions towards an acting career, and to that
end she studied dancing, later joining a vaudeville
act. She made personal appearances with Rudy
Vallee and other stage and radio favourites, and
eventually secured a contract with Paramont, which
have featured her in many important productions,
amongst which are "College Holiday," "Clarence," and
"Goodnight Ladies."
Elba Whitney Goddard and Husband [Charlie]
Photo by Van Horn
Holyoke, Colo.
Harriet Whitney
Photo by Dinat 1920
Edith Whitney
Edith Whitney
Helene Whitney
Photo by Ernest A. Bachrach
1939 RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
Leonard Whitney Sr.
Founder of this church
Darlene Whitney
Reg. E. Whitney
331 Encinal Ave.
Santa Brabrara Calif
Dec. 20-1934
Oldest House in the United States
Built in 1516, St. Augustine, Fla.
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