White Family Album
Jane Allen White
Mrs. John Savage
From a sketch painted in
1826 by Thomas Sully
John Savage [gen 6]
From a portrait painted 1824
by Thomas Sully
"Pres. White"
Andrew Dickson White
President & Co-founder of
Cornell University
born November 7, 1832 in Homer, NY
Photo by J. Beardsley
Ithaca, N. Y.
Faded School Picture - Suffield Township, Hartford County, Conn.
Photo taken about the year 1898-1900
Teacher: Mrs. Phelps
Back Row: Lewis Sikes, Lawrence Sikes, Allen Clark, Roland Wetherall,
Will Clark, Raymond Farquhar, Horace Sykes, A. Ward Spaulding,
Bertha Lamberton, Billie White.
Front Row: Fred Brockett, Byron Wetherall, William Button, Talulah
Sikes, Charles Spaulding, Mildred Gardner, Lorena Sikes, Edith
Henshaw, Eva Gardner, George Creelman.
Contrast adjusted
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Jessamine Rachel Granger
Marie Milner White
Funeral Card
William Wilfred White Sr.
Died May 15, 1971
Funeral Card
Ethel V. White
Died June 26, 1977
Funeral Card
William Wilfred White Jr.
Died February 9, 1972
Lonzo White
Father of Jay
Photo by Hague Studios
South Bend, Ind.
Mound Cemetery
Marietta, Ohio
General Benjamin Tupper 1738 - 1792
Huldah (White) Tupper 1739 - 1812
Major Anselm Tupper 1763 - 1808