Wallace Family Album
William Alexander Anderson Wallace,
better known as "Big Foot" Wallace--
Born in Lexington,
Rockbridge County, Va., April 3, 1817
Died January 7, 1899
The badge which the pictures shows him
wearing was one he received at a
convention of veterans of Indian Wars
held at Houston in 1893. The badge can
be seen in the Bigfoot Wallace Museum.
He was active on the frontiers of Texas
for more than 40 years in Indian and
Mexican Wars. Scout, ranger, mail rider
from San Antonio to El Paso, and likely
rancher. This picture was taken at
Houston 6 or 7 years before his death.
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Priscilla Wallace
Died Nov. 22, 1910
Buried in Union Cemetery,
Clarksburg, Shelby County, Illinois