Taylor Family Album
Mr. Taylor
Photo by Howes
Brewster, N. Y.
Louise Taylor
Photo by McMillen
Red Oak, Iowa
Mrs. Joseph Taylor
Born Feb. 22, 1854
Died Dec. 10, 1918
Age 64 Yrs. 10 Mos. 12D.
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Flad Family Reunion
Left to Right
Top Row: Hamilton Kline, Harold Flad, Clarence Flad, William Endriss.
2nd Row: Melissa Albright, Mrs. Elizabeth Flad, John Flad, Stella
Albright, Mary Parks.
3rd Row: Kate Kline, Grandmother Winters, Grandfather Flad,
Grandmother Flad, Rosie Endriss, Roy Parks.
4th Row: Ruth Flad Taylor, Mary Flad holding Helen Flad Raber, Paul
Endriss, Rose Endriss holding Dorothy Endriss Raff, Carrie Burns
holding Irene, Arthur Flad, Elsie Endriss.
Memorial Card
Fannie (Hall) Taylor
Dau. of William & Almida Hall
Wife of Wright A. Taylor
Pearl (Hosler) Taylor
Photo by A. Taylor
E. Rochester, O.