Spaulding Family Album
Walter Spaulding
LeClear's Photograph Palace
Jackson, Mich.
Lida Spaulding
Photo by Flagg &Kerwin's
Lewiston, Me
Spaulding & Frost's Mill
Fremont, N. H.
Writing on back, chip has broken off part
of the writing.
____water VT.
Emma Bottruff
Sarah Spaulding    Mary Soulas
Onita Bottruff
About 1891
Photo by Lawson
Muskegon, Mich.
Eugene C. Morry
Grace Spaulding Morry
October 1892
12th or 14th
Photographer: L. M. Kramer
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Charles Darias Spaulding
About 1890 (Uncle Charles)
[picture owner] Mrs. J. H. Hill
727 S Ionia St
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Photographer: A. Hansen
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Lottie Spaulding
Taken when 3 years old.
Faded School Picture - Suffield Township, Hartford County, Conn.
Photo taken about the year 1900
Teacher: Mrs. Phelps
Back Row: Lewis Sikes, Lawrence Sikes, Allen Clark, Roland Wetherall,
Will Clark, Raymond Farquhar, Horace Sykes, A. Ward Spaulding, Bertha
Lamberton, Billie White.
Front Row: Fred Brockett, Byron Wetherall, William Button, Talulah
Sikes, Charles Spaulding, Mildred Gardner, Lorena Sikes, Edith
Henshaw, Eva Gardner, George Creelman.
Contrast Adjusted
Freeman Reid Spaulding
Perrysville, N.Y.
Son of Ira & Lovisa Spaulding
Brother of Jefferson, Eddie & Nettie
Husband of Nellie
Father of Roger
Photo by Yoost - Oneida, N.Y.
Lucy Spaulding Lyman
Daughter of Erastus & Mary
Sister of Edward Spaulding
Wife of Joseph Lyman
Keene, N. H.
Ada Spaulding
Delsena Spaulding
Mother of Charles Spaulding
& Grace Nickles
Photo by Copeland
Canton, N. Y.
Elmina K. Spaulding
Daughter of Samuel & Rebecca Spaulding
Oct. 5, 1885
June 26, 1903
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Lyman King Spaulding
Sept. 26, 1901 (7 mo. old)
Son of Lyman B. & Jennie C. (Weston) Spaulding
Lyman King Spaulding
5 months old
Son of Lyman B. & Jennie C. (Weston) Spaulding
Gladys Weston Spaulding
6 mos. old, May 29, 1898
Dau. of Lyman B. & Jennie C. (Weston)
Sarah (Spaulding) Belden
wife of Myron
Myron Leander Belden
June 27, 1937
Back Row: Jean Spaulding, Suzanne Smith, Barbara Spaulding, Marilyn
Smith, Virginia Smith
Front Row: Donald Perkins, Winslow Goodspeed, Lawrence Duval.
Robert Hinckley, Roy Donahue, Janet Duval
Aunt Delsena Spaulding
Grace Nickles Mother
Charles Spaldings Mother
Photo by H. P. Copeland
Canton, N. Y.
Richmond, Maine
Rusticating near Spaulding's
Residences of Rolland H.
and N. Spaulding
Rochester, N. H.