Smith Family Album
Betty Jo Smith
Allen E. Smith photos
Allen E. Smith
Bloomfield, KY
Bloomfield [KY] Parsonage
Allen E. Smith photos
Children of Lewis Smith and Susanna Ogle
(Sister of Clara Ogle Anderson)
Ada (Smith) Akers
Eva (Smith) Elliott
Fred Smith m. Bessie M. Anderson
Edward Smith m. Iva Belle Crippen
Photo by Warren,
Correctionville, Iowa
Harold Smith
Photo by Mrs. Lyons
Woodbine, Ia.
Lowell Eugene & Betty Eloise
(Smith) Hoskins
Eulie Smith Troy
(Mother of Roger)(Wife of Edwin)
Photographer: Howe's Studio
Keene, N.H.
[Purchased at Haverhill, MA]
Mary Eads [left] & Betty Jo Smith [right]
At Asbury College
Allen E. Smith photos
Allen E. Smith, Gladys, Marcia, Merlin & Betty Jo
"Little Dump" later lengthenrd for Paul
Rear of 834 Willard St., Cov. KY
Allen E.Smith photo
2nd & Third Grades
Ovid, Clinton County, Michigan
1. Velma Binger
2. Donna Crowner
3. Doris Briggs
4. Willie Lemon
5. Eva Thayer
6. Lela West
7. Loretta Brown
8. Kenneth Rhoades
9. Mildred Woodworth
10. Allen Leadly
12. Clarence Merrill
12. Bonnie Fraker
13. Pauline Sheldon
14. Nellie Potter
15. Neva Doyen
16. Juanita Stout
17. George Stone
18. Marie Norton
19. Iva Reiser
20. Harold Jolley
21. Frank Waite
22. Ned Ferry
23. Agatha Smith
24. Doris Beach
25. Oliver Leadly
26. Floyd Fairfield
27. Flossie Niles
28. Leita Stowell
29. Bradford Morse
30. Ambra Parks
31. Neva Richard
32. Carol Stanton
33. Arthur Flucke
34. Howard Groom
35. Howard Holinger
36. Langdon Longwell
37. Lela Munson
38. Rose Boyd
39. Jay Martin
40. Florence Johnson
41. Marian Harrison
42. Dolly Reams
43. Myrtle Jarvis
Brigadier General Davis Tillson and his Staff
Capt. Deane, Lt. Perry, Lt. Neff, Maj. Smith and
Lt. Brown
Yours Truly
E. G. Smith
Photo by Burge
Lakeport, Cal.
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Back Row L to R
T/Sgt "Rusty" Knowles - Oregon
S/Sgt Ronald Goldy - Michigan
Pfc A. W. "Ike" Isenhour - North Carolina
Pfc Carl B. Almgren - California
Front Row L to R
Cpl. Tewes
Pfc Donald "Smitty" Smith - New York
Cpl Kozak - Pennsylvania
Lucy Agnes (Cochran) Smith
Lucy Agnes (Cochran) Smith &
Frank Dallas Smith
Lucy b. May 1890, dau. of Matthew John &
Hattie E. (Talbot) Cochran
Frank b. Nov. 10, 1880, d. Oct. 1, 1958,
son of George D. & Margaret Druscilla
(Carter) Smith
Great Grandfather Cyrus
Weston Talbot & Evelyn
Margaret Smith.
Taken 1912
Cyrus passed away at age 99
Evelyn passed away at age 27
Children of Frank D. & Lucy A. Smith
L to R: Donna F. (Smith) Penrose
Evelyn Margaret Smith
George Matthew Smith
Taken at the Smith Family Home at
644 East Worth ST.
Stockton, California
Evelyn Margaret Smith
Born at the family residence 644 East Worth
St., Stockton, California on June 30, 1910.
Died April 1938
Daughter of Frank Dallas & Lucy Agnes
(Cochran) Smith
Sister of Donna Frances (Smith) Penrose &
George Matthew Smith
Helen Smith Ost
Photo by Barnum
Adrian, Mich.
June 27, 1937
Back Row: Jean Spaulding, Suzanne Smith, Barbara Spaulding,
Marilyn Smith, Virginia Smith
Front Row: Donald Perkins, Winslow Goodspeed, Lawrence Duval.
Robert Hinckley, Roy Donahue, Janet Duval
34th Smith Family Reunion
29th Annual Smith Family Reunion
25th Annual Smith Family Reunion
23rd Annual Smith Family Reunion
Carl Smith
Photo by Barnum
Adrian, Mich.
Alice Smith
Photo by Barnum
Adrian, Mich.
Helen Smith
Photo by Barnum
Adrian, Mich.
Grandpa Smith
Photo by Lovejoy
Glens Falls, N. Y.
Helen Ames Smith
Photo by E. C. Fisher
Claremont, N. H.
Eugene Smith
Photo by Haynes
St. Paul, Minn.
Memorial Card
Lucy Smith
Died December 30, 1897
Memorial Card
Cole Smith
died September 29, 1917
Age 75 years
Memorial Card
Nettie Smith
died May 28, 1911
Age 75 years
Memorial Card
George Smith
Died August 14, 1897
Funeral Card
Rita J. Smith
July 16, 1928 - May 4, 2002
Funeral Folder
Harriett Agnes Smith
Died July 27, 1957
Funeral Card
Scott O. Smith
Died April 15, 1967
Nan Smith
Photo by Krons
San Francisco, Cal.
Sara Wise Wmith
10 weeks old
Photo by Enbretein & Co.
Funeral Folder
Joseph A. Smith
Died March 6, 1969
Funeral Card
Fillmore R. Smith
July 28, 1889 - March 23, 1970
Funeral Folder
Died December 2, 1956
1860 - 1956
Margarette Shanna, young NBC actress heard over the
networks as Mary Krueger in "Girl Alone" and as Beulah
Sherman in "Dan Harding's Wife", was born in Council
Bluffs, Iowa, twenty-two years ago, the daughter of a
physician. After college work at Stephens and the
University of Iowa she began acting in stock and in
radio. At that time she was using her own name,
Margarette Smith, but decided she wasn't progressing
fast enough so she changed it to Margarette Shanna and
has been busy ever since. Margarette has reddish-brown
hair, weighs 120 and is five feet four.
August 12, 1936