Richards Family Album
Aunt Betty Richards - wife of my Mother's brother John.
Lived in Raisin, Michigan
She climbed out of her window to marry my uncle John and they
ran away to America U. S.
[census records indicate both were born in Ireland]
Photographer: Brown's Studio,
Tecumseh, Michigan
Eunice Caldwell Ball
Marcia Marguerite Ball Richards
Teachers of Tama, Iowa March 1907
From Left to Right, Upper Row:
Mrs. McCurdy - Tama, Ia.
Dorothy Elrod - Tama, Ia.
Leah Maynard - Tama, Ia.
Kathryn Lacy - Washington [Principal/Sup. M & D]
Mrs. Richards - Tama, Ia.
Lottie Wilcox - Tama, Ia.
Margaret Dew-Ross - Goldfield, Ia.
Ruth McKeen - Tama
Mildred Hershire-Miner - Seattle, Wash. [Principal High School]
Maud Aldrich - Payette, Idaho
Nell Miller - Payette, Idaho
Nell Beim - Des Moines, Ia.
Jennie Wren - Iowa City, Ia. [Principal Appleton]
Lena Brokaw - Mechansville, Ia.
C. E. Fleming - Tama, Ia.
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Carrie Richards and her
husband Wilber Meyers
Mother's sister
Photo by The Gallery
Quincy, Illinois
Susie Richards and her
Husband Dave Cate
Mother's sister
Photo by Brittingham
Quincy, Ill.