Proctor Family Album
4 Pictures identified by Mary H., who I believe is the daughter of Clinton
Eliza (Proctor) Manning. They are of both sets of grandparents and are
now in the  possession of the
C. G. Brisee Genealogy Library in Irwin, IA
Mary (Polly) Green Proctor
My grandmother.

Mary H.
Taken at: W. H. Breser,
Shenandoah, Iowa
George Rappien Proctor, My grandfather,
he died five months before my mother was
born.       Mary
Taken at: Brewer,
Shenandoah, Iowa
Albert and Mary Dangel Manning
My uncle

Mary H.
Taken at: J. Haynes, Artist,
Sterling, Illinois
Grandpa Manning and grandma
Squire Daniel Manning
Lucy Manning
Mary H.
Taken at: W. E. Sunderland,
Milledgeville, Illinois
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J. M. Proctor
Townsend, Mass.
Photo by A. B. Eaton
Manchester, N. H.