Peck Family Album
John Peck
[Purchased in Platte City, MO]
Almon Peck [of Oswego, Ny]
[husband of Frelove Peck]
[Purchased in Platte City, MO]
Frelove Peck
[wife of Almon Peck of Oswego, NY]
[purchased in Platte City, MO]
Amanda Edgington Mitchell
Otis & Eva Peck (cousins of Etta Hughes)

This photo is from the Edgington Estate Collection,
found on this site in the Edgington Family Album.
Frank & Calista Peck
[children of Henry & Atwell Peck,
Oswego, NY, born about 1871 & 1868]
[Purchased in Platte City, MO]
Photographer: F. W. Oliver,
Oswego, N. Y.
Malcolm Peck
[Purchased in Platte City, MO
Photographer: F. W. Oliver
Oswego, N. Y.
Will & Lizzie Peck
Photo by Monroe
Rushford, N. Y.
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Capt. Joseph Clemons (right) reheares
Gregory Peck in the handling
of a rifle for "Pork Chop Hill".
Aug. 29, 1958