Miller Family Album

Ella Miller
No relation - Neighbor
Photo by S. S. Richards
Newark, N. Y.
From the Schwartz Albums
Mull Miller & James Bird
From the David Moore Langdon Estate
Alvin W Miller,
Jewell City
Photo by Dunham,
Jewell City, Kansas
Emil J. Miller 1901
Photo by Lyden
Manning, Iowa
Note: Names may be reversed - back of photo
Elsie Miller
Class of 1914
Cherokee High School
Cherokee, Iowa
N. A. Miller
Centerville, Iowa
Feb 9th 1883
Photo by H. D. Chatterton
Centerville, Iowa
Yours Truly C W Miller
S. Miller
Photo by Amber
Eise J. Miller
Born Nov. 25, 1887
Died Sept. 20, 1914
Age 76 yrs., 9 mos., 26 days.
Mrs. Isaac Miller
[Angel S. Siebe]
Born Oct. 1, 1844.
Died Feb. 18, 1912.
Age 67 years 4 month 17 days.
Ethel Miller
Photo by Woodman Bros.
From P. K. Miller & Elsie
To: Florence
Photo by Parson's
Richmond, Ind.
Teachers of Tama, Iowa March 1907
From Left to Right, Upper Row:
Mrs. McCurdy - Tama, Ia.
Dorothy Elrod - Tama, Ia.
Leah Maynard - Tama, Ia.
Kathryn Lacy - Washington [Principal/Sup. M & D]
Mrs. Richards - Tama, Ia.
Lottie Wilcox - Tama, Ia.
Margaret Dew-Ross - Goldfield, Ia.
Ruth McKeen - Tama
Mildred Hershire-Miner - Seattle, Wash. [Principal High School]
Maud Aldrich - Payette, Idaho
Nell Miller - Payette, Idaho
Nell Beim - Des Moines, Ia.
Jennie Wren - Iowa City, Ia. [Principal Appleton]
Lena Brokaw - Mechansville, Ia.
C. E. Fleming - Tama, Ia.
Rebecca D. Miller
Photo by W. O. Entrekin
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Alonzo J. Miller
b. in Deansboro, NY on April 21, 1841
son of Isaac Miller III & Prudence Goff.
He married Emma Louise Gruman in 1864
Father of  Anna, Susan, Albert, Arthur,
Carl, and Robert.
Alonzo died on March 20, 1919 in Oneida,
Knox Co., Ill.
From the Mary (Miller) Whitney Album
Uncle Ikey
Isaac Madison Miller
b. November 28, 1838 in Augusta
Son of Morris S. Miller & Lucinda Wood.
Brother of  Mary Elizabeth (Whitney), Lucinda
Irena (Kendall), Morris S. Jr., and Philena
Cornelia who died unmarried.
Isaac was a Union soldier in the Civil War and
died of Typhoid Fever on August 3, 1863.
He never married.
Photo by T. J. Bicksler Studio
Georgetown, Washington, DC.
From the Mary (Miller) Whitney Album
Mary Miller, Iowa
Photo by A. P. Newdick,
West Rockford
Ed Miller
Photo by Robuer
Carroll, Iowa
W. J. Miller
Died May 27, 1890
Aged 28 Years
Mabel L. Miller
Died Jan. 8, 1914
Age 40 years
Lilian Crane, Edna & Ellabert Miller
Osman's Cousins
Memorial Card
Mrs. Barbara Miller
died April 8, 1895
Aged 75 yrs. 12 days
Laurette (Webber) Miller
Wife of John Miller
Dau. of Polly & Eliazer Webber
Mother of Mabel Mowatt
Photo by McPherson
Bangor, Maine
Funeral Card
Joseph T. Miller
Died May 17, 1961
Funeral Folder
Annie E. Miller
Died January 19, 1968
Emma Miller, President
Rebekah Assembly of Iowa
Salie Miller
Photo by Huddleston
New Castle, Ind.
Buster Miller
"Zonas adopted son. [His mother] was going
somewhere on train and seen she couldn't
make it so had to get off train, go to hospital
and heard Zona & Jim had been trying to
adopt a baby. So they just went to the
hospital and took him home. Buster has a
nice wife and 9 children including a pair of
twin girls."
To: Mrs. Eliza Carmaichael
Arva PO Ontario

From: George Miller
Hazleton [Mich.] Dec the 6th 1891

Mrs. Eliza Carmichael
Dear friend.
it is with a sad and lonly heart that I write
you a few lines to let you know of the
death of my Dear wife Mary who departed
this life on the 22nd of November at
eleven Oclock in the evening she had been
sick with Typhoid fever ever since she
came back from her visit over there but
about a week before she died we all
thought she would get well again as she
was abl to sit up a little but pnumonia set
in and she soon left us all in sorrow to
mourn her she was only 28 yrs of age it
seems hard she was such a young woman
yet, her Mother is down now with the
fever she was sick with it when Mary died
and her fretting so much makes its worse
for her but she seems a little better
today, my two Children has it too the
youngest is getting better but the eldest
is a very sick child yet everything is being
done by myself and a Nurse that can be
done for them and I hope they will soon
get well again no more at present from a
sorrowing friend

George Miller
Hazelton PO
Arethusa K. (Andrews) Miller
Dau. of Nathan & Mehitabel Andrews
Wife of John Miller
Photo by G. Waldon Smith
Robert Strawn Miller
Age 4 years 2 mos
Presented to Papa on his birthday
Nov. 26, 1900 by little Robert
"God bless Robert"
Son of Charles & Nellie (Wilbur) Miller
Sept. 19, 1896 - March 13, 1917