Lewis Family Album

Class of 1924
L to R: Alma Lewis, Bessie Kirkpatrick, Dolly Little, Rilla McCannon,
Rita Carter and Norma Obert
Rev. Glenn Lewis
of Toledo
taken July 2, 1939
Mary Lewis
Class of 1919
East Corinth Academy
Photo by Perry Studio
Bangor, Me.
Mary Lewis
Died July 23, 1903
Age 39 years
Burial: Park Lawn Cemetery
Barry, IL
Sophronia M. Lewis
Died September 13th, 1891.
Aged 81 years, 8 days.
Roy Lewis
Died March 17, 1890
Aged 3 Years
Mrs. Charles Lewis
Died Sept. 9, 1907
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Funeral Pamplet
Raymond Lewis
Died May 21, 1963
Funeral Pamplet
Maud Lewis
Died June 19, 1957
Eleanor Lewis
Funeral Folder
Van Gregory Lewis
Died March 21, 1962
Funeral Folder
Vivian Lewis
died June 14, 1962
Funeral Folder
Lillian Lewis
Died August 22, 1956
Funeral Folder
James E. Lewis
Died June 30, 1956