Kent Family Album

Ray, Leo, Dad. Taken in Concord, Vt.
Oct. 20, 1948
Ricey Marsh Age 19 Years
Photo by Wager, Burlington,
Cornelia Kent's Sophomore Report Card
Photo by Troup,
Lebanon, N. H.
Yours Sincerly
F. A. Fisk,
W. T. S. 1916
Photo by  Louis Fabian Bachrach
Photo by Troup
Lebanon, N. H.
Photo by Troup,
Lebanon, N. H.
"Dad" taken
Sept 18, 1948
in Concord, Vt.
Mother Taken in Concord, Vt
Oct. 18, 1948.
Uncle Zacks wife also my Fathers sister
Photo by  Garns & Co.
206 Federal Street
Camden, N. J.
Aunt Betty and sister, Esther @ 1897
Photo by Neal Photographer
360 Central
Dover, N. H.
Jan 29, 1909. Picture taken
in spring of 1910.
Daughter of Verl Hoskins Kent
Verl Hoskins Kent
Daughter of Lewis Hoskins
Photo by Lee
Central City, Neb.
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Jim Kent
Photo by Shager
Dows, Ia.