Hughes Family Album
Found in Christopher Hughes' Bible
William Pearce & Etta Hughers were married
Dec. 14, 1893. So this picture was made
before 1893.

Miss Minnie Waspman, Empire, Mont. 1902
[appears to be an owner's name]
Nettie Edgington
Daughter of Frank Edgington
raised by Minerva Edgington Hughes

This photo is from the Edgington Estate Collection,
found on this site in the Edgington Family Album.
Mrs. C. A. Hughes
105 S 5th St
Red Oak, Ia
Photo by McMillen
Red Oak, Iowa
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Memorial Card
G. Paul Hughes
Aug. 13, 1917 - Aug. 22, 1975
Uncle Reese Hughes - 1889
From Wales
Photo by A & G Taylor
Uncle Reese Hughes
From Wales
Photo by Edward Phillips
Ystalyfera, Swansea
Funeral Card
Frank M. Hughes
Died July 11, 1965
Mrs. Jim Hughes
Photo by Mrs. Reed
Quincy, Ill.
Roy Hughes
6 months old
Photo by Lewis & Hill
Huron, South Dakota