Hoskins Family Album
Ella Frances Hoskins
William Henry Hoskins
Photo by Morehouse
Harlan, Ia.
Laura Belle Hoskins
Surviving children of Eli J. and Sarah Emily (Moore) Hoskins
Eli J. Hoskins and sons
William Henry, Elmer Leroy
and Charles Albert
Hoskins Century Farm 1880 - 1980
[still in family]
1 Mile south of Harlan [Iowa]
Lincoln & Center Townships
Left: Mr. & Mrs. Eli Hoskins
Right: Mr. & Mrs. Moses Hoskins
Oakland, Cal - 5/15/58 - INP Soundphoto for release 6:30 p.m. EDT 5/15

Quadruplets born 4/16/58 to Dr. & Mrs. H. Dean Hoskins, Piedmont,
Cal., pose for pictures today at an East Bay Hospital. L2R: Senior
student nurse Judi Lindman weighs Sarah, 6 lb, 5 oz: R. N. Lois
Hitchcock holds Paul, 6 lbs, _ oz: R. N. Norene Monroe holds Katherine,
5 lbs, 12 oz; Nurses' aide Irene __stin hold Margaret, 5 lbs, 3 oz...
INP Soundphoto Watch Release Date
Elton Hoskins of California
2nd son of Lewis & Sarah Hibbs Hoskins
Elton's wife is Clarissa
Photo by : Lee, Central City, Neb.
Clara Hoskins Brannan
Wife of Robert Brannan
Grace and Elsie Hoskins
Daughters of Lewis and Sarah Hibbs Hoskins
Photo by: Lee
Central City, Neb.
Nora & Roscoe Hoskins
Wedding Picture
Photo by Christensen
Clarinda, Iowa
Charles Mar. 19, 1884
Laura Dec. 26, 1885
Henry Feb. 2, 1887
Ella Feb. 26, 1889
Bertha June 8, 1892
Roy Aug. 6, 1893

Father and Mother married Feb. 4, 1880 in Jefferson County, Iowa
Wedding Photo
Eli J. Hoskins and Sarah Emily Moore
February 4, 1880
Pleasant Plain, Iowa
Clark Hoskins & dt. Sybil
Gr. mother Hoskins was Mother of Clark &
Ruth. clark was nearly killed by a beau of
Ruth who attacked gr. mother, then Clark
who was saved by heavy hair & Ruth got
out & ran to neighbors (Ellis Walton) for help.
Photo by: H. L. Gordon, Pleasant Plain, Iowa
Mary Dillon Edwards Hoskins
6/19/1819 - 1905
Grandmother of Olive Stuart
Taken at: Edinger, Des Moines, Iowa
Back row left to right: Henry, Owen, Calvin, Eli, Lewis, Nathan
Front row left to right: Moses, Ellen Hoskins Singleton, Annie
Hoskins Roberts, Abi Ellis, Melvin
Hugh Hoskins
son of Owen & Jose Jones
Lives in Nampa, Idaho
has H Brand Fruit
Taken between 1903 - 1909
Grand Junction, Colorado
Hugh Hoskins
Born May 2, 1892
Picture taken when 5½ months old
Uncle Owen's son
Caldwell Idaho
Owen Hoskins & Josie Jones
Photographer: J. W. Gilchrist's
North side of Park
Fairfield, Iowa
Aunt Josie & Esther
Uncle Owen Hoskins
Wife & Daughter
Omar Hoskins
Son of Henry & Jane Neal Hoskins
Fairfield, Iowa
Photo by J. B. Myers
Fairfield, Iowa
Omar Hoskins
Son of Henry & Jane Hoskins
Photo by J. G. Browning
Fairfield, Ia.
Hugh & Ethel Sands
Ethel Hoskins - Daughter of Henry & Jane
(Neal) Hoskins
Photographer: Browning
Fairfield, IA
Ethel Hoskins
Uncle Henry's daughter, Fairfield, Iowa
Parents Henry Hoskins & Jane Neal
Uncle Henry Hoskins & Aunt Jane
Omar & Ethel
[Grouped in album with
Calvin Hoskins]
Calvin Hoskins
Son of Ellis & Ruth Jones Hoskins
Photo by Fahr
Oskaloosa, Ia.
Uncle Calvin Hoskins
Photo by J. B. Myers
Fairfield, Iowa
Elmer Leroy Hoskins &
Ethel Frances Clark
Photo by Morehouse
Harlan, Ia.
Beulah Hoskins & Maureen Hoskins
Bertha May Hoskins
Bertha May Hoskins
Charles Albert Hoskins
Son of Eli J. & Sarah Emily (Moore) Hoskins
Born: March 19, 1884
Died: September 9, 1912
Surviving Children of Eli J. & Sarah Emily (Moore) Hoskins
L to R: William Henry, Bertha Mae, Laura Belle, Ella Frances, Cora
Alice & Elmer LeRoy
Cora Alice & Bertha Mae Hoskins
Daughters of Eli J. & Sarah Emily (Moore)
L to R: Ella Frances, Cora Alice,
Bertha Mae, Laura Belle
Buckley, Pub
Pub. School Deshler, O.
First Grade - Miss Hoskins Tea. Feb. '09
RPPC postmarked Deshler July
To: Mrs. E. L. Thomas
East McKeesport. Pa. Box #114
Deshler Ohio July 26, 1909
Dear Momma
What is the matter that you don't write, are you sick. I have been
looking everyday for two weeks for a letter. I hope you are well. We
are all well here. This is Ellsworth's school picture see if you can
find him. Now I want you to write right away and let me know how
you are.  Elsie
P. S. Dorothy will be two years old on Thursday the 29th.
Hester Hoskins
Applegate Photographer
Vine & 8th Sts, Phil
Verl Hoskins Kent
Daughter of Lewis Hoskins
(He was the son of Ellis & Ruth Jones Hoskins)
Photo by: Lee, Central City, Neb.
Left: [Probably] Sarah Green Hibbs Hoskins
Right: Clara Hoskins Brannan
Stella Hoskins Gibson (Estella)
Coin, Iowa
Photographer: Christensen,
Clarinda, Iowa
Stella Hoskins Gibson
Coin, Ia
Moses Hoskins Daughter
Photographer: Heintz, Halan, Ia.
Oldest Stuart Children
of J. G. & Martha Hoskins Stuart
Rufus, Warren, Olive & Laura Stuart
Olive Stuart Olmste & Laura Stuart Phillips
When young women
Photo by: W. C. Edinger, Des Moines, Ia.
Floyd Hoskins
Coin, Iowa
Photo by Christensen
Clarinda, Iowa
5 Generations
Kris McCowen 6 mo
Elaine McCowen age 20
Rachel (Grandmother) "Murphy" age 39
Estella (Great Grandmother) Gibson age 75
Rachel Hoskins (Great Great Grandmother)
Age 103
Photo Taken in 1958
Ruth Hoskins
Graduation Picture
Daughter of Roscoe & Nora Hoskins
Roscoe son of Moses & Rachel
Photograph by Tyler
Owen Hoskins
Taken at Whelchel Studios
Caldwell, Idaho
Melvin Hoskins & Mary Olive Haisley
Photographer: James & Cassill
Brighton, Ia.
Ellis Clarence Hoskins, age 6 months
Uncle Melvin's son
Fowler Kansas
Photographer: Foster
Earlham, Ia.
Walter Ellis & Abi Hoskins
Ellen Hoskins
Wife of James Singleton
Photographer: J. G. Browning
Fairfield, Iowa
Uncle Henry Hoskins &
Aunt Jane )Neil) Hoskins
Fairfield, Ia.
Photographer: L. H. Green
Brighton, Iowa
Aunt Anna Hoskins Roberts
Eli's sister
Daughter of Ellis Hoskins &
Ruth Jones
Wife of Mahlon Roberts
Photographer: J. G. Browning
Fairfield, Iowa
Nov. 16th .07
Uncle Nathan & Aunt Dot and sons Mark & Frank
Fairfield, Ia.
Nathan Hoskins and Ladoska Kinney
Photographer: J. W. Green, Richland, Ia.
Nathan Hoskins son
Photo by Tracy
Pana, Ill.
Frank & Mark Hoskins
Uncle Nathan's boys
Photographer: Myers
Fairfield, Iowa
Hazel Inez Kent born in Grinell
Jan. 29, 1909.
Picture taken in spring 1910.
Recieved Sept - 24, 1910.
Verl Hoskins Kent's daughter
Grandma Hoskins sheaf of wheat
on her casket.
Ruth Jones Hoskins
Lindbergh's Companions on his Return to American
Lieut (junior grade) John H. Hoskins, U.S. Navy, crack
air ace of the fleet, members of the U.S.S. Memphis
crew, and the vessel's mascot, "Tassio" the gift of the
people of Hobart, Tasmania, and presented by the
Lord Mayor of Hobart with elaborate ceremony.
ACME News Pictures
Celia Eva (Caldwell) Hoskins
& Elmer LeRoy Hoskins
Willis & Vinal (Hutcherson) Hoskins
Wedding Sept. 16, 1886
Clay, Iowa
Elmer LeRoy Hoskins
Elmer LeRoy Hoskins 1918
Photo by Morehouse
Harlan, Ia.
L to R: William Weidenhamer, Belle Clark Weidenhamer, Harold
Weidenhamer (son of Wm's 1st marriage), Cecil M. Weidenhamer,
Ethel Frances Clark, Jonas Clark
Celia Eva (Caldwell) Hoskins
Elmer LeRoy Hoskins
Celia & Roy Hoskins
Taken in Nov. 1913 at Fowler, Kansas
Clarence 21 - Nov 19
Mabel 18 - Dec 21
Clifford 15 - Dec 28
Ruth 12 - Oct 8
Raymond 10 - Aug 19
Walter 5 - May 14
Melvin & Ollie Hoskins & Family
Fowler, Kansas
Ruth, Clarence, Clifford, Raymond, Oren Dunlap, Mabel
[Oren Dunlap is Mabel's husband, and holding their baby]
Ollie, Walter, Melvin
(Melvin Hoskins son of Ellis & Ruth Jones Hoskins)
Alice Marie Carter age 4 months
Aug 1917, Caldwell Idaho
daughter of Esther Hoskins Carter
Granddaughter of Owen Hoskins
Photo by Snodgrass
Esther Hoskins Carter
Dau. of Owen & Jose Jones Hoskins
Taken between 1903-1909
Grand Juction, Colorado
Photo by Dean
Grand Juction, Colo.
James Singleton
Photo by J. W. Green
Richland, Iowa
Frank Hoskins
Fairfield, Ia
Photo by J. W. Green
Richland, Iowa
Ellis Hoskins
Photo by: W. H. H. Smith,
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Ellis Hoskins & Ruth Jones
Married Oct. 30, 1844
Pleasant Plain, Jefferson Co., Iowa
Elmer Leroy Hoskins
February 1922
Elmer LeRoy & Charlotte Marie
(Moore) Hoskins
Lowell Eugene & Betty Eloise
(Smith) Hoskins
Roy (Elmer LeRoy) Hoskins
Celia Eva Caldwell age 9 weeks
Born June 16, 1897 Shelby Co., Iowa
Photo by Heintz
Harlan, Iowa
Elmer LeRoy Hoskins
Born August 6, 1893 in
Lincoln Township, Shelby Co., Iowa
Photo by Booth
Harlan, Iowa
Our Father's Parents Ellis & Ruth Hoskins
Ellis Hoskins and his wife,
Dr. Harriet Olivia Correll Hoskins
Wedding Picture, 1902
Ellis, son of Moses & Mary Edwards
Photo by: Browning
Fairfield, IA
Malcolm LaVerne & Evelyn
Verlee (Hoskins) Lund
Karen Suzanne Hoskins
Daughter of Lowell & Betty Hoskins
Lynn Marie Hoskins
Daughter of Lowell & Betty Hoskins
1: Sibbie Hoskins, dau of Clark Hoskins
2: Catherine Hoskins dau of Clark Hoskins
3: Lindley Larrance
4: Edith Larrance, children of Hulda Hoskins
Hulda H. married William Larrance bro. of
Clark's wife. All cousins.
Henry & Ruth (Hoskins) Williams
Daughters Esther & Anna
John Hoskins
Son of Ed & Hattie Hoskins
Photo by Yates
Pittston, PA.
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