Henshaw Family Album
John E. Henshaw 1897
of Henshaw and Ten Broke
John has passed on
Photo by Hall's Studio
New York City
Faded School Picture - Suffield Township, Hartford County, Conn.
Photo taken about the year 1900
Teacher: Mrs. Phelps
Back Row: Lewis Sikes, Lawrence Sikes, Allen Clark, Roland Wetherall,
Will Clark, Raymond Farquhar, Horace Sykes, A. Ward Spaulding, Bertha
Lamberton, Billie White.
Front Row: Fred Brockett, Byron Wetherall, William Button, Talulah
Sikes, Charles Spaulding, Mildred Gardner, Lorena Sikes, Edith
Henshaw, Eva Gardner, George Creelman.
Contrast Adjusted
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