Gramsdorff Family Album
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Matilda Gramsdorff, widow of Edward
Holding Anna Martha Katherine Gramsdorff,
who was born Thanksgiving morning 1900.
4½ months in photo
Matilda Gramsdorff
Mother of Richard Herman Gramsdorff &
Martha Gramsdorff Craven
Martha Gramsdorff Craven
Dau. of Matilda & Edward
Wife of Clarence C. Craven
Richard Herman Craven
Son of Edward & Matilda
Husband of Margaret George
Richard Gramsdorff
Richard Gramsdorff
at his News Stand
Albany, NY
Richard Herman Gramsdorff
at his News Stand -
109 Beaver St., Albany, NY
Rocky Ford Cigars, Tutti-Fruiti gum, Magazines
Richard Gramsdorff
Richard Herman Gramsdorff
Margaret E. (George) Gramsdorff
wife of Richard Gramsdorff
Mother of Anna & Augusta
Maggie Gramsdorf
Daughter of William &
Ernestine George
Maggie Gramsdorff - left
Unidentified person - right
Margaret Gramsdorff with her nephew
Willis George Burhans, 2 months 7 days
March 1923
Richard & Margaret Gramsdorff
Anna & Margaret Gramsdorff
at the bier of Matilda Gramsdorff
Anna (l) & Augusta (r) Gramsdorff
daughters of Richard & Margaret
On the upper deck of the Steamer
Hendrick Hudson
June 16, 1923.
Herman Richard Gramsdorff
Son of Richard and Margaret
1 year 5 months 4 days old
Herman Richard Gramsdorff
Son of Richard and Margaret
July 15, 1896 - Dec. 12, 1898
Augusta Matilda Gramsdorff Dow
Wife of William A. Dow
Daughter of Richard and Margaret
Anna Martha Katherine Gramsdorff Hier
Anna Martha Catherine Gramsdorff
Confirmation Photo
Anna Gramsdorff Hier
Richard Gramsdorf
born 19 November 1865
Frank Jacob Gramsdorff
died April 16, 1865
Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland)
Memorial piece from Danzig
Augusta Gramsdorff with her Aunt & Uncle
John H. & Pauline Katherine (George)
Van Vliet