Edgington Family Album

William Pearce and Etta Hughes were married
Dec. 14, 1893. So this picture was made before

Miss Minnie Waspman, Empire Mont. 1902
[seems to be an owners name]
Della Lambert
Lola Dell Lambert (Larrowe)
Lola Dell Larrowe Daughter of Clara & Joe
Lambert. Clara is sister of Minerva Edgington
Lawrence Larrowe Pastor of 73 Beekman St.
Plattsburgh, N.Y.
May 1961 moved to Troy, N.Y. Where
Lawrence is Dist. Supt.
Carrie Edgington 1890
daughter of Doc. Uncle Frank and Lyda
Uncle Frank - youngest brother of Minerva
Moore Edgington Hughes.
To Minn. & married
Carrie & Net Edgington= Sisters
Uncle Frank went to Canada to live with
Carrie. Frank Edgington was buried in Canada.
Photo by Houser
Huntington, Ind.
Emma Edgington, Grandville, Ind.
Daughter of Cooley & Jane Edgington
Henry & Emma=twins
Liza 3rd child
Cooley Edgington=nephew of Grandfather
Wilson Edgington and Hannah Naylor
Cooley Edgington cousin to Minerva Edgington
Photo by Arrasmith
Muncie, Ind.
Nettie Edgington
Daughter of Frank Edgington
raised by Minerva Edgington Hughes
Photo by Schaeffer
Hartford City, Ind.
Anna Lambert Daughter of Clara & Joe
Lambert. Clara is younger sister of Minerva
Edgington Hughes and Mary Etta Edgington,
Aunt Mag. Edgington.
Sisters: Anna Lambert Craw died about 1959
Lola Della Lambert Larrowe Living in New
York State 1961. Moved from Plattsburgh to
Troy May 1961.
Lawrence Larrowe preached 6 yrs. at
Plattsburgh - Dist. Supt. at Troy 1961.
Photo by Schaeffer
Hartford City, Ind.
Amanda Edgington Mitchell
Otis & Eva Peck (cousins of Etta Hughes)
Photo by Schaeffer
Hartford City, Ind.
Mrs. Minerva Hughes [owner's name]
Will Redpath & Margrett Edgington Redpath
Cripple Creek, Colo. Aunt Mag-sister of
Minerva Hughes.
She did fancy needlework.
Miss Etta Hughes [written on side]
Photo by M. E. chase
Greeley, Colo.
Ema Dotson
Willmathsville, Mo 1889
Can this be Nancy Caldwell Dye and her
Friend of William Pearce - before 1893.
died in asylum.
Youngest daughter of Clara Lambert.
Clara Edgington Lambert youngest sister of
Minerva Edgington Hughes.
Clara always wore colored glasses.
Lois Tucker
Granddaughter of Ida Hensel and George Hensel,
Rose Hill, Ia
Daughter: Anna and Sam Tucker - Oskaloosa
Born - 1904 Jan. 28-
James Wright
Quebeck Canada
William Pearce's friend
before 1893.
Monroe Hillard
Empire Mont
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