Corbly Family Album

Hattie Dwight Corbly
Photo by Geo. N. Cobb
Binghamton, N.Y.
From the David Moore Langdon Estate
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P. M. Corbly
Born Feb. 9, 1815
Died July 7, 1898
North Selma Cemetery
Selma, Fresno Co., CA
"The grave with the flag is John Corbly's. The one on the right as
you look at it is Nancy Lynn Corblym the left one Elizabeth Tyler
Corbly - the one massacered by the Indians. The cemetery
[Garards Fort Cemetery, Greene Co., PA] is on a bluff not far from
the church and could have connected with your husbands family."
Agnes Kiger 1963 Christmas
"This stone was unveiled at the reunion this
year - bought by relatives as a memorial and
placed in the cemetery on the site of the old
log church where Corbly preached. The
CorblyCoat of Arms is at the top. They had a
lovely dedication service on Reunion Day June
23, 1963. The three groups of names are
children of the three wives. They left out Wm.
Corbly (Nancy's son) but they promised to
have it put on right away. The sun was
shining on the back, otherwise one could read
the whole inscription." Agnes Kiger -
Christmas 1963