Conger Family Album

Aunt Annie does not know who this is just leaving
because it is the style of the years gone by.
Photo by L. H. Kiefer,
Lawrenceburg, Ind.
Annie Conger Padget,
Ault, Colo.
Three Children, two boys and one girl
Daughter of Uncle Omar and Aunt Libby Conger - has
been dead for several years.
Photo by J. G. McGregor
Malvern, Iowa
Uncle Omar Conger
Photo by: J. G. McGregor
Malvern, Iowa
Frances E Congers at 19
[one picture is missing off the cover]
Aunt Betsy Black
Sister of Grandmother Conger
Engaged to marry Capt. Nelson - Captain of a vessel
during Civil War days, was shot - died.
Aunt Betsy Black was an Aunt of Tacy Conger
Records - Great Aunt of my Father, Azro Marion
Records and a great, great, aunt of ours - Grace,
Blanche, Howard, Nell and Rose
Grandma Records Cousin,
Harriet Garinger - Mother died when she was a child
- Grandma Conger cared for family.
She is dead - a son Ed - Has a high position as a
judge - Lives in Denver.
Mrs. Nicholas Kelley
[Revenue stamp on back dated Sep 2 1865]
Nicholas Kelley
brother of Aunt Franks husband
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Daniel Conger
Litchfield, Hillsdale Co.,
Photo by Goble
Springfield, Ohio