Clemons Family Album

Mr. Clemons
Photo by Mrs. E. F. Stevenson,
Sterling, ILL.
Clemons Logging Company train
LA 751791...New York Bureau
Water Babies
Venice, Calif. --While a large portion
of the nation shivers and shakes
under heavy snowfalls, (left to right)
Janet Mantell, Martha Clemons, and
Francis Brix frolic in the sunshine on
the beach at Venice.
NY 80
Credit (ACME) 2/23/45 (MD)
Rev. J. J. Clemons
Christ Chch
Houston Tx
Photo by W. H. Leeson,
No. 113 Main Street,
Houston, Texas.
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Camp Clemons
Antoinette B. Arbuckle, b. 1905
To right of tree
Ed Clemons (right) serves Phil Jaworowski (left) and John Foss at
the Chicago Christian Industrial League. Donors have replaced the
meat that was stolen last weekend from the homeless shelter at
123 S. Green. The men are part of the transitional living program.
March 8, 1989
Capt. Joseph Clemons (right) reheares Gregory Peck in the handling
of a rifle for "Pork Chop Hill".
Aug. 29, 1958
General Clemons
Photo by Brandseph
Will Clemons
Photo by Griffin
Hebron, Nebraska
Mame & Nellie Raymond
Lillian Clemons
Photo by Griffin
Hebron, Nebraska
Children of A. F. & Laura E. Clemons
Clara B., Lillian, Jay & William W.
Photo by Griffin
Hebron, Nebraska
Lillian Clemons
Photo by Griffin
Hebron, Nebraska
Charles Bailey Clemons
1513-1515 Madison St.
Chicago, Illinois
Son of Corydon H. Clemons
Grandson of Philo Clemons
Photo by Hartle
Memorial Card
Lewis Clemons
Died July 27th, 1886
Aged 62 years
Hugh Clemons
Co. E 3d Md. Cav.
Mobile, Ala. 1865
Photo by Fell & Son
Office, Clemons Cooperage Co.
Village of Clemons, Town of Dresden, N. Y.
Angie (Belden) Clemons
Wife of Dr. Robert Nelson Clemons
Daughter of Myron & Sarah (Spaulding) Belden
Mother of Frances, Paul & Charles
Angie (Belden) Clemons
Angie (Belden) Clemons
Four Generations
Frances Elmins (Clemons) Chattin
Barbara Delores (Chattin) Brisee
Angie (Belden) Clemons
Diana (Brisee) Kimball
Frances (Chattin) Clemons
Angie (Belden) Clemons
at Yankee Stadium
Dr. Robert Nelson Clemons
husband of Angie Belden
Clemons Stone, before engraving
Mount Hope Cemetery
Ticonderoga, NY

Charles Nelson Clemons
Angie (Belden) Clemons
Frances Elmina (Clemons) Chattin
Children of Charles Nelson & Angie (Belden) Clemons
Left to Right
Paul Clemons
Frances Elmina (Clemons) Chattin
Charles Clemons
Photo taken at Brooklyn, NY
at Paul Clemons residence