Burger Family Album
Uncle Adna Phelps and Aunt Susan standing in
back of him, his wife.
Aunt Mary Price in the center
Aunt Sarah Burger standing in back of Mother
[Martha Jane Easterly]
Taken in Calif when Glen was a baby 6 or 8
months old.
Photo by Varney - Sacramento, Cal.
Photo taken 1898
[Glen was born September 12, 1897]
Adna Phelps, b. April 15, 1832 in OH
        d. April 20, 1903 in Sacramento, CA
Susannah Ellen (Rummell) Phelps (his wife)
        b. July 1, 1838 in Bunker Hill, OH
Mary Catherine (Rummell) Price
        b. November 2, 1836 in Richland Ohio
        wife of Erasamus C. Price
        d. May 23, 1922 in Cedar Rapids, IA
Sarah Elizabeth (Rummell) Burger
        b. April 29, 1849
        wife of Joseph J. Burger
        d. December 27, 1929
Martha Jane (Rummell) Easterly grandmother of Glen
       b. January 28, 1843
       wife of Thomas W. Easterly
       d. March 24, 1934
The sisters were the daughters of Peter and
Susannah (Clopper) Rummell
Picture was captioned by Mary Eva Mae (Easterly)
Steward, mother of Glen, daughter of Martha Jane.
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Funeral Card
Mary Burger
Feb. 11, 1871 - Jan. 20, 1937