Brown Family Album

Yours Truly
Alice Brown
Photo by Carson & Graham
Hillsdale, Mich.
Susie Brown
Born Dec. 22, 1888
Mrs. Ben Brown
Born Jan 2, 1845
Photo by C. E. Orr,
Sandwich, Ill.
Susie Brown
Sanawick, Ill.
Photo by J. C. Clifford
Beatrice Brown
Geo. Brown
Photo by The Home Gallery
Crestline, O.
Lili Brown
From the Peter Marshall Album
Oscar D. Brown
Mrs. H. E. Brown
Allentown, NY
Near Sawyer
Photo by H. A. Cudding
Bolivar, Ally. Co. N. Y.
Byron Brown
Photo by J. H. Loper
Belvidere, Ill.
2nd & Third Grades
Ovid, Clinton County, Michigan
1. Velma Binger
2. Donna Crowner
3. Doris Briggs
4. Willie Lemon
5. Eva Thayer
6. Lela West
7. Loretta Brown
8. Kenneth Rhoades
9. Mildred Woodworth
10. Allen Leadly
12. Clarence Merrill
12. Bonnie Fraker
13. Pauline Sheldon
14. Nellie Potter
15. Neva Doyen
16. Juanita Stout
17. George Stone
18. Marie Norton
19. Iva Reiser
20. Harold Jolley
21. Frank Waite
22. Ned Ferry
23. Agatha Smith
24. Doris Beach
25. Oliver Leadly
26. Floyd Fairfield
27. Flossie Niles
28. Leita Stowell
29. Bradford Morse
30. Ambra Parks
31. Neva Richard
32. Carol Stanton
33. Arthur Flucke
34. Howard Groom
35. Howard Holinger
36. Langdon Longwell
37. Lela Munson
38. Rose Boyd
39. Jay Martin
40. Florence Johnson
41. Marian Harrison
42. Dolly Reams
43. Myrtle Jarvis
Brigadier General Davis Tillson and his Staff
Capt. Deane, Lt. Perry, Lt. Neff, Maj. Smith and Lt. Brown
Custom Search
Louisa Brown
Coldwater, Mich.
Photo by Osborn
Coldwater, Mich.
Etta Aldridge
[Came with the Etta Brown photo as a set]
Etta Brown
Photo by Taylor & Preston
Salem, Mass.
[came with the Etta Aldridge photos]
Catherine Brown's 3 girls
August 1936
In front of 967 Ordway
Albany, California
S. H. Brown
Photo by The Arcade
Marshalltown, Iowa
Uncle Ben Brown
Mom Neufeld's brother
Uncle Henry Brown
Mom Neufeld's brother
Uncle John Brown
Mom Neufeld's uncle
Vincent Brown
Jan. 16, 1824 - April 5, 1899
Sarah J. Brown
Jan. 28, 1834 - Aug. 17, 1878
St. jude Cemetery
Monroe City, Monroe County, Missouri
Julia B. (Brown) Wilson
Daughter of Vincent & Sarah J. Brown
Wife of Thomas A. Wilson
May 20, 1865 - Sept. 19, 1952
St. Jude Cemetery
Monroe City, Monroe County, Missouri
Thomas A. Wilson
son of Jacob & Frances Wilson
husband of Julia B. Brown
Jan. 7, 1867 - Aug. 29, 1942
St. Jude Cemetery
Monroe City, Monroe County, Missouri
Nora Almeda (Randall) Brown
Wife of Fred J. Brown
Photo by Altman & Edelman
Battle Creek, Mich.
Fred Brown