Blaisdell Family Album

Clara Blaisdell
Photo Taken by Stanley of
Lewiston, Maine
(Studio name trimmed away
Blaisdell Residence
Belfast, Me.
To: Miss Margurite Sargent
27 Walton Park
Melrose Highlands, Mass.
Had a fine trip rode out to farm & walked around all morning
viewing the different places on it.
fine lake on it.
Love Mama.
Blaisdell Orchards, Maine
Eunice and Eb
Photo by J. Anderson
Cadillac, Mich.
Eb and Eunice Blaisdell
Isaac's sister
Photo by Cutcherson
Worcester, Mass.
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Anna Blaisdell
Died June 26, 1917
From your namesake,
Lots of love
Nervilla Blaisdell