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Pontiac, Mich, Nov. 10 [1951] - Orphaned By Tragedy - The 11 children
of Mr. and Mrs. Murry J. Moore are pictured shortly after they heard
that their parents had been killed in an auto accident. Left to right
are: Sharon, 11; Michael, 6 weeks; Ann, 13; Jeanne, 9; Shirley 2;
Barbara, 7; Janet, 8; Jimmie, 5; Girard, 15; Jeffery, 3; Tom, 11.
Pittsburg, Nov. 13 [1951] - Room For More - John Donaled Babb
and family sit in the living room of their Pittsburgh home
awaiting word of their offer to adopt 11 children orphaned in a
Michigan auto crash Saturday. Flanking Mr. and Mrs. Babb are
their children (l to r) Alfred, Jean and John D. Jr.
Pontiac, Mich. - Nov. 14, [1951] - Orphan and Would be Benefactor -
A sad but seemingly determined Gerry Moore (right) eldest of the 11
children orphaned when their parents were killed in an auto accident
last week end, stand in Oakland County Probate court today with
his would-be benefactor John Donald Babb, of Pittsburgh, who
hopes to adopt all 11 of the Moore children. Gerry, 15, together with
his sister Beverly Ann are reluctant to be adopted.
Pontiac, Mich. Nov. 14, [1951] - Judge Appoints Guardians For
Moore Orphans - Probate Judge Arthur E. Moore, (center) shakes
hands with John Donald Babb after he appointed guardians for the
eleven Moore children, orphaned when their parents were killed in
an auto accident Saturday. Babb, Pittsburgh, Pa., insurance broker,
and his wife Jean, (2nd from right) were interested in adopting the
children. Dick moss, (right) one of the appointed guardians and
Jerry Moore, 15, (2nd from left) on of the orphans, look on.